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Platform v7 Quick Start - Starting A Flight

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1. Login to your Operations Center.

The Jumpseat feature is now located conveniently on the right. Current rate is set at $0.10 per direct nautical mile.

Under this is comprehensive Airport Information for flight and weather information at any airport in the world.



2. Open the Operations menu and go to Book Flight

Only flights originating from your current location will be shown

Click on the Arrow to see more details on each flight, and click the Pin to Bid on the flight



3. Click on My Bids on the right to view your previously bidded flights.

You will see your upcoming flights listed here

Click on Generate SimBrief Online Flight Plan



4. Select the aircraft you wish to fly with. You may need to scroll down for routes with multiple aircraft types.

Keep in mind aircraft location persistence is now a feature and you should be responsible in bringing her home on a subsequent return leg.



5. This is the SimBrief planning page.

You may use RouteFinder, any 3rd-party generated route or leave blank to use SimBrief's latest auto-route for Preferred Company Route.

Update the Cost Index appropriate for your aircraft based on our Operations Manual.

Update the Estimated Departure Time for an accurate planning brief.



6. Click on the 3 buttons on the left to see further details about your upcoming flight.

If flying online, click File ATC > VATSIM  on the right to automatically prefile your OFP to the network.



7. Launch your Tracker and click on the magnifying glass for Flight Search. This will list your upcoming bidded flights.

Click Load on the flight to start it.



8. Your flight planning should already be present. Leg and Code can be left blank.

Ignore Lights Rules should be disabled at all times.

If you are using Slew for pushback, only click on Start Flight after pushback but before engine start.



9. Map View will be shown while your are en-route.

Click on the aircraft icon on the left to cancel the flight before you have arrived, and click on it to end the flight once you have arrived.



10. Once you have arrived, your will see your flight summary. If you are satisfied with it, proceed to File Flight.


We hope this platform upgrade brings you greater realism and fun, and look forward all comments or suggestions.

Please reply here for issues related to starting a flight, or hit us up on Telegram at any time.

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