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Hot Route of the Month - July 2021

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Hot Route of the Month - July 2021

Main Routes
Jakarta | WIII [1 Point]
Trivandrum | VOTV [2 Points]
Melbourne | YMML [4 Points]
Los Angeles via Tokyo (Narita) | KLAX via RJAA [9 or 11 Points]

- Direct Flights to/from Los Angeles will be counted as 9 points. WSSS-KLAX-WSSS. (SIA38/37)
- Flights to Los Angeles via Tokyo (Narita) will be counted as 11 points. Flights MUST fly the full WSSS-RJAA-KLAX-RJAA-WSSS sector to qualify. (SIA12/11)

- Flying WSSS-RJAA-KLAX-WSSS or WSSS-KLAX-RJAA-WSSS will be considered an incomplete round-trip and will not count toward the HRM points.

- Flying only WSSS-RJAA-WSSS or KLAX-RJAA-KLAX is not valid


Gain as many points as possible by flying the tour and/or bonus routes to be crowned the Pilot of the Month.

Terms & Conditions
- Both outbound and inbound sectors must be flown to qualify as one HRM destination flown. Flying in one direction will not count to your points.
- Standard flight operations policies apply to all flights.
- Valid from the first day of the month at 0000UTC to the last day of the month at 2359UTC. Your block in (shutdown) time must be before the deadline.
- The monthly HRM winner will exclude the Management, trainee pilots and/or suspended pilots.
- Terms and conditions can change without notice. 

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