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Nathan Wong - SVAG1030

Hot Route of the Month - November 2020

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This November, we join the WorldFlight team to bring awareness about the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Together, we will fly around the globe covering unique routes and destinations.

For more details, proceed to https://www.worldflight.com.au/

Should you wish to donate to support a good cause, click here. Every cent counts to help this dedicated service to provide emergency and primary health care services for those living in rural areas of Australia.

All 49 routes have been added as SIA2201-SIA2249 in the System for SVAG Pilots to fly. Each route flown will count as 5 points for the November HRM.
Additionally, the bonus route will be between Singapore and Sydney, will be valued at 4 points.
The routes will remain in the system until the end of the year, however only flights flown in November will be counted for the November HRM.

Pilots are allowed to use any aircraft of their choice. However, it MUST be an airliner aircraft. No military or spacecraft is allowed.


Gain as many points as possible by flying the tour and/or bonus routes to be crowned the Pilot of the Month.

Terms & Conditions
- Both outbound and inbound sectors must be flown to qualify as one HRM destination flown. Flying in one direction will not count to your points.
- Standard flight operations policies apply to all flights.
- Valid from the first day of the month at 0000z to the last day of the month at 2359z. Your block in (shutdown) time must be before the deadline.
- The monthly HRM winner will exclude the Management, trainee pilots and/or suspended pilots.
- Terms and conditions can change without notice. 

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On 11/1/2020 at 12:36 AM, Alessandro P. - SVAG1077 said:


According to "Terms & Conditions", both sectors have to be flown to get points; I assume this is valid only for the "bonus route" SIN-SYD for this particular event. Am i correct?

Many thanks.



Yes that is correct

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