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  1. Dear pilots, as SINvACC partners, we have been invited to participate in their latest edition of "Friday Night Rush", during which you'll be able to enjoy full ATC services at Singapore Changi Airport from 1100Z to 1500Z. More info may be found at https: //forums.vatsim. net/topic/28243-24th-july-2020-1100z-1500z-friday-night-rush/ We hope to see you there as we definitely will take this amazing opportunity!
  2. Today, 21st of July, 2020, I started flying from VOBL to VIDP and everything went well up until I got to descent, at which point smartacars stopped recording the flight, preventing me from filing the pirep and logging them. I have attached a screenshot of me on the ground at VIDP as proof. I was wondering whether the missing hours could be inserted into the system Warm Regards
  3. Dear pilots, We've got news! The event we promised you in the last NOTAM a few days ago is set to take place next weekend, on the 12th of April 2020. We'll be flying from Singapore Changi (WSSS) to the infamous and challenging Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong (VHHX), which is as of today no longer in use. Historically however, it provided one of the most challenging approaches in the world and with that comes the excitement and skill of landing there. We have coordinated with the appropriate VATSIM divisions as to provide ATC services during the flight and we hope to see you there flying with us on this adventure. See you on the tarmac at 0300Z! Mariano Longo Singapore Virtual Airlines Group
  4. Scenery options WSSS-Singapore Changi Intl: Payware Imaginesim: https://imaginesim.n...-singapore-p3d/P3DV4 Freeware Jim Vile: https://library.avsi...php?DLID=137138 and patch https://library.avsi...php?DLID=137348 FSX compatible WMKP-Penang Intl Freeware Tim Van Ringen: https://library.avsi...php?DLID=207402 FSX compatible Sulamain Din: https://forums.x-pla...43-wmkp-penang/ X-Plane v11 compatible WMKL-Langkawi Freeware Syafiq Lazim https://www.flightsi...archid=72490094 FSX compatible Zurib Aerospace https://www.flightsi...archid=72490118 FSX compatible Sulaiman Din: https://forums.x-pla...i-intl-airport/ X-Plane v11 compatible WMKC-Sultan Ismail Petra Airport Freeware Soarfly concepts: https://library.avsi...php?DLID=192742 FSX compatible
  5. Dear Pilots, This year's second scheduled event/groupflight is on the horizon. This time, we've let you decide where to fly to and when. After reviewing the Facebook poll result, we've organised the "Bombay Airway": we will be flying between Singapore Changi Intl (WSSS) and Chhatrapati ShivaJi Maharajaj Intl (VABB), starting at 1200Z on the 18th of May, 2019. We're currently coordinating with the local vACCs on VATSIM to arrange for ATC services to be present throughout the route. We hope to see you in the skies with us soon Warm regards, Mariano Longo
  6. Dear Pilots, As promised at the beginning of the year, an event has been organised for the end of February:Save the date! On the 24th Feb 2019, both Malaysia's and Singapore's ATC positions will be fully staffed on VATSIM between 12.00Z and 15.00Z for the Asian Tigers City Hop Event. That's where you pilots come in. Your task is to fly as many times as possible between Singapore Changi and Kuala Lumpur Intl., each leg completed awarding 2 points. If you make a round trip, you'll be awarded an extra 1 point. For example, flying Singapore-KL and back to Singapore means you'll be given 5 points (2+2+1). Flying from Singapore to KL, back to Singapore and again to KL will award you 7 points (2+2+1+2). The amount of points you amass will count towards this month's HRM. Any further info about the event is to be posted in this thread.
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