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  1. Name (As registered with SVAG): Harikrishna Sivaram Reason for LOA: Studying for public exams LOA Start Date (DD/MM/YY): 6 aug 21(2day) Estimated LOA End Date (DD/MM/YY) Feb / March 2022( i really wanna get my priorities out of my way and then be a free bird so that i can virtually fly planes :) ) Thank you SIA virtual for ur awesome support through these 2 years see you soon friends! i promise i will be back with a new happy look in the face and continue enjoying these happy flying moments!( Where i am a meme on VATSIM and others have a laugh HAHA just kidding )
  2. I thought this maybe of interest here since VOZ is a sister concern of SIA Indigo is a HUGE player in India's domestic market. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/rahul-bhatias-interglobe-enterprises-confirms-eying-bankrupt-virgin-australia/articleshow/75753188.cms
  3. Hello... Just a small q After landing In all jets, only a maximum of 1 engine may be shutdown during taxi. this is one of the operational guidelnes For big jets like the 747 which have 4 engines(a380 also) can we shutdown 2 engines only and taxi after landing at big airports(YSSY,EGLL,KJFK etc) or i should shutdown only one engine whatsoever? just a doubt regarding this Thanks HK SIA1015
  4. Whenever there is no ILS, I find it extremely difficult to land the FSL A320 with good LR... This is not case with other aircraft that I use like PMDG, QW, LevelD and even freeware and even default. Could anyone tell me why this is so? What do I need to do? I switch off the AT as well as AP on appr on finals. First of all, I find it very difficult to stabilize the FSL A320 and then even if I get a decent LR, the plane veers off the RW on landing and I have to bring it back with great difficulty. Is this my simple LOGITECH XTREME 3D pro yoke? I really dread manual landing with the FSLA320.. Could someone ps give fedback Thanks HK SIA1015
  5. I have substituted the Vistara B738 by their usual A320 Workhorse for my current flight VTI 873 (April 10 2020). In flightaware website too, it is listed that for this flight Vistara are using A320. Hope this is OK with U. Ps C https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VTI873/history/20200320/0040Z/VABB/VOHS. Thanx Could U kindly let me know b4 I file the PIREP.
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