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  1. I see. We did try this a long time ago IIRC and feedback was it unnecessarily restricted pilots, so we went the other way and started "Flight of the Month (FOM)". Still, with this new system I will see if random feature can be added for those who can't decide which route they wanna fly, perhaps with a distance limit setting.
  2. Hi Alessandro, We do plan to resume Featured Flights shortly. Is that what you had in mind or more of a "dispatch to pilot" function?
  3. This August we celebrate 200 years since the founding of modern day Singapore, when Sir Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar established our little island as a trading post. A first for us, the VATSEA region and possibly any civilian virtual airline, SVAG is bringing to the virtual skies the customary formation flights over the National Day as it unfolds simultaneously in the real world. You will be flying in a group with your fellow pilots past the downtown skyline under the watchful eyes of air traffic control after an afternoon of hopping around picturesque tropical airports in the area. All are welcome. This event lasts the entire weekend, so for those who are unable to participate on the actual day, you can join us again on Sunday. ATC arrangements will be made for general public and SVAG pilots who do not wish to fly the formation to arrive directly at Changi on Saturday. Arrangements are being made to cinematically capture this on video to memorialize this historic event. Be a part of SVAG and flight sim history this National Day! 9 August 2019 Air traffic control will be provided throughout the journey. ALL TIMES LOCAL (GMT+8) WSSS-WMKP 70MIN DEP 1200 ARR 1310 TURN 30MIN PENANG WMKP-WMKL 40MIN DEP 1340 ARR 1420 TURN 40MIN LANGKAWI WMKL-WMKC 50MIN DEP 1500 ARR 1550 TURN 30MIN KOTA BARU WMKC-WMKD 50MIN DEP 1620 ARR 1710 TURN 50MIN KUANTAN WMKD-WSSS 60MIN DEP 1805 ARR 1905 SINGAPORE CBD WSSS-WSSS 15MIN DEP 1905 ARR 1930 CHANGI 10 August 2019 Air traffic control will be provided for departure and arrival at WSSS. ALL TIMES LOCAL (GMT+8) WSSS-WMKP 70MIN DEP 1200 ARR 1310 TURN 30MIN PENANG WMKP-WMKL 40MIN DEP 1340 ARR 1420 TURN 40MIN LANGKAWI WMKL-WMKC 50MIN DEP 1500 ARR 1550 TURN 30MIN KOTA BARU WMKC-WMKD 50MIN DEP 1620 ARR 1710 TURN 30MIN KUANTAN WMKD-WSSS 50MIN DEP 1740 ARR 1830 CHANGI Management is trying to plan the flight to be accessible to all pilots who posses basic flying proficiency. Auto pilot assist and buffer time and airspace will be provisioned for. Custom flight plans will be provided to participating pilots ahead of the rehearsal flights. Pilots flying in formation on Saturday please note the following information. To confirm your participation by 2 August 0759z via the Whatsapp group, Discord server or in this thread. To report the exact add-on, model and variant they will be operating by 2 August 0759z for flight planning purposes. To be available for at least 1 rehearsal formation flight from WMKD-WSSS on 3 or 4 August 2019. To install and advise on exact livery to be operated, and to ensure VATSIM mode and livery reporting codes are correct. To be familiar with and be in complete control of aircraft, especially airspeed and situational awareness. To have aircraft distance markers in FSX/P3D enabled. Rewards Pilots who fly the event route on 9 and/or 10 August will receive: 1. Triple hours and triple pay, including their rehearsal hours Additionally, pilots who fly the formation flight on 9 August will receive: 1. Exclusive Award Ribbon in VAFS 2. Permanent feature on the website's event page 3. Feature and tag on captured event and future promotional media Flights must be flown on VATSIM and VAFS. Infractions, except for rehearsal flight, will void any event rewards. Rewards will be processed and issued within the first two weeks of September. As this is something new, the scope and specifications of the event may change. We are open to questions, suggestions and ideas. Feel free to contact any of the staff at any time. Cheerio, Nicholas Ng VP (Admin) | SVAG
  4. The management has secured prizes for the event with generous sponsorship from Imaginesim which have offered WSSS2018 upon release very soon. Event will close on 30 September 2018 2359z, with whatever flights already in the air at that time considered valid. Flights that Block Off after 2359 are not eligible for prize calculation although your hours and earnings will still be added as per normal. 1st prize: Imaginesim WSSS2018 for Prepar3D 2nd prize: EUR10 Simmarket vouchers 3rd prize: EUR5 Simmarket vouchers Prizes are subject to change due to financial or release considerations. If the 1st prize pilot does not own Prepar3D, a Simmarket voucher of equivalent dollar value will be awarded or - at the pilot's choice - a copy of WSSS2010 + voucher up to the equivalent value of the 2018 release. WSSS2018 is scheduled for release in the very near future, and Management makes no commitment to a release timeline. Should there be a pushback, the prize will be awarded as and when it is released. Prizes cannot be resold or exchanged for cash.
  5. Antarctica Orientation and Tips Attached is a map of McMurdo. We will be landing at Williams Field (NZWD) on Ross Island. Landing can be tricky even in clear conditions as everything on the ground is white. The main runway 26/08 is 3000m long and has black markings on the Aerosoft scenery. 08 also has lead-in and PAPI lights. No ILS is installed. For those without Aerosoft scenery, there is also a decent freeware rendition of the Ice Runway (NZIR) that has previously hosted aircraft such as the C5M Galaxy, linked in the scenery post. You can still use the NZWD route as the two airstrips are close enough for VAFS to detect as a single location. The South Pole is an extremely remote region; owing to transportation costs, fuel and supplies are also similarly extremely expensive and scarce. If you'd like to make your trip to the South Pole more realistic, consider loading enough fuel at Hobart to sustain your journey all the way to Sao Paolo, some 6800 kilometers away. A guide for the 747-400 is supplied below. If you need advice regarding fuel planning please approach any of the staff. The most economical route in and out of McMurdo will be supplied by the staff at least 48 hours before the event but fuel planning has to be done separately if you're not flying the 744. As before, approach us if you need help. Because of how FS (and therefore P3D) is fundamentally coded, navigation and weather works a bit differently at the bottom (and top) of the world. See the second attached picture for a better understanding; the world tiles are basically squished at the ends. Clouds will also become squished, so it's best to set them to "clear" and turn down the visibility for best visual results. 40 mile visibility, clouds clear. Add precipitation and high winds for an extra touch of realism. The following are extracts from the Aerosoft manual on navigation and weather. Boeing, on operating their 747s and 777s near the poles: http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_16/polar_nav_by_model.html Test flights to NZWD have turned up the following observations and precautions. 1. Do not load fragile or hazmat cargo. 2. On aircraft that have it, use TRU north mode when crossing 82S. 3. On PMDG 747v3/777, disable HIGH IDLE in the FMC A/C options so that thrust reversers are immediately available on touchdown. 4. Wheel brakes are ineffective on ice; taxi slowly and start braking far in advance. 5. It is very difficult to visually locate and line up with the runways (everything is white). Routes with specific LAT/LON waypoints will be provided for both NZWD and NZIR. Fuel Planning: To keep things realistic, tankering is advised due to Jet A unavailability at Antarctica. You will land overweight but Finance has concluded that the cost of transporting fuel there far outweighs the increased inspection and maintenance costs. The following is a rough guide for the 747. SIA9905 YMHB-NZWD FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 55202 ........ 04:33 CONT 5% 2760 ........ 00:16 NO ALTN 2745 ........ 00:15 FINAL RESV 5165 ........ 00:30 MIN T/O 65872 ........ 05:34 TANKER 97555 ........ EXTRA 0 ........ 00:00 TAXI 450 ........ 00:10 RELEASE 163877 ........ 05:44 FUEL TANK CAP 173425 KG / MAX EXTRA FUEL -38775 KG LIM BY LDW TRIP CORR FOR 4000 KG TOW INCR: +555 KG / 4000 KG TOW DECR: -508 KG 2000 FT LOWER: +722 KG / EET 04:33 CLB: 250/340/84 DES: 86/340/250 SIA9906 NZWD-SBGR FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 93104 ........ 09:41 CONT 5% 4655 ........ 00:37 NO ALTN 2002 ........ 00:15 FINAL RESV 3726 ........ 00:30 MIN T/O 103487 ........ 11:03 EXTRA 1288 ........ 00:10 TAXI 225 ........ 00:05 RELEASE 105000 ........ 11:18 FUEL TANK CAP 173425 KG / MAX EXTRA FUEL 50620 KG LIM BY LDW TRIP CORR FOR 4000 KG TOW INCR: +1242 KG / 4000 KG TOW DECR: -1045 KG 2000 FT LOWER: +1533 KG / EET 09:46 CLB: 250/340/84 DES: 86/340/250 Regular maps stretch the poles significantly due to limitations of mapping a globe out flat. The great circle map below is useful in understanding where the next two legs will take you.
  6. Flight plan for SIA9901B is now available at http://www.singaporevirtualairlines.org/doc/SIA9901B_FP.zip For pilots going to Kai Tak on 9901A, please visit http://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport Alternatively, if you do not wish to install additional nav files, you can manually intercept the IGS by using VHHH 07R approach maintaining 3000ft. This plate is all you need: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0iUKNGASJUo/maxresdefault.jpg
  7. Bring our newest bird home! Singapore Virtual Airlines Group welcomes 9V-MBA, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 to its SilkAir fleet. Embark on an adventure with fellow pilots hopping across the Pacific, calling at Hawaii and Guam along the way. This is an ambitious event that will span the weekend and bonuses will be rewarded accordingly. While all effort has been made in consideration of all timezones, due to the complexities of the route and ATC availability, priority has been given to local time (GMT+8). Regardless, all SVAG pilots who complete the route 48 hours after event end will still be awarded. As VAFS does not yet have the 737 MAX 8, we will be speccing the route (and future MAX 8 routes served by SilkAir) with the 737-900 instead as it is the only equivalent aircraft with adequate range. Professional flight planning data and route files will be provided at least 48 hours before event start, so don't worry even if you're new or unfamiliar with the region. Join us if you can even if it's just for a leg or two. (Hint: PHNG has incredible freeware scenery).
  8. Is this a permanent link? The last one posted to the Facebook group seems to have expired.
  9. Event details here. Post your flight logs below to obtain your bonus hours.
  10. nicky9499


    Event details here. Post your flight logs below to obtain your bonus hours.
  11. nicky9499


    Event details here. Post your flight logs below to obtain your bonus hours.
  12. Logs of my flights: http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=11052448 http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=11052850 http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=11053641 Thank you Mei Fong for coordinating this wonderful event.
  13. VATSIM's Asia Division's biggest event of the year is here again! This year the Southeast Asia legs will be: Singapore - Malaysia (WSSS - WMKK) Malaysia - Vietnam (WMKK - VVTS) Vietnam - Thailand (VVTS - VTBD) Official Event Documentation: Click here to download. The Event will begin proper at 1200z (8pm local) this coming Saturday, the 19th of January, 1200z to 1600z (8pm to 12mn local). Please get to the gate early and have your plane ready for pushback by then. We are expecting much traffic from the region so expect realistic ATC operations throughout all legs. IMPORTANT: Abovementioned flights for this Event are one way only. The following are up-to-date flightplans and route I have compiled for use by all pilots who wish to participate. Click here to download. Separate files for FS9 or FSX. PMDG/LevelD/iFly/vasFMC users you should already be doing this yourselves. The latest AIRAC is Cycle 1213. Your database should be updated in order to utilize these properly. Should you have difficulty updating please contact me directly. Be aware that your flightplan may be altered by ATC prior to departure if necessary, so stay alert. ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/Remarks WSSS 0 0 N01°21'33.16" E103°59'21.60" SINGAPORE / SINGAPORE CHANGI IWS PIMOK 278 40 N01°26'48.00" E103°20'08.00" PIMOK REKOP 293 16 N01°33'06.00" E103°05'21.00" REKOP SALAX 293 100 N02°12'24.00" E101°33'42.00" SALAX RUMID 19 8 N02°20'16.00" E101°36'27.00" RUMID WMKK 12 25 N02°44'36.00" E101°41'53.00" KUALA LUMPUR INTL / SEPANG WMKK 0 0 N02°44'36.00" E101°41'53.00" KUALA LUMPUR INTL / SEPANG PIBOS 30 42 N03°20'31.90" E102°03'04.70" PIBOS MATSU 29 7 N03°26'14.00" E102°06'14.00" MATSU GUNBO 27 96 N04°51'56.00" E102°49'53.00" GUNBO VKR 112.9 27 33 N05°21'38.43" E103°04'54.18" KUALA TRENGGANU IKUKO 20 25 N05°45'12.00" E103°13'24.00" IKUKO IGARI 17 74 N06°56'12.00" E103°35'06.00" IGARI BITOD 59 37 N07°15'24.00" E104°07'06.00" BITOD BIBAN 35 91 N08°30'00.00" E105°00'00.00" BIBAN ANHOA 35 94 N09°47'14.00" E105°54'30.00" ANHOA BITIS 35 35 N10°15'59.00" E106°14'54.00" BITIS VVTS 36 41 N10°49'14.00" E106°39'39.00" HO CHI MINH / TAN SON NHAT INVV VVTS 0 0 N10°49'14.00" E106°39'39.00" HO CHI MINH / TAN SON NHAT INVV SAPEN 293 31 N11°01'12.00" E106°11'00.00" SAPEN POPET 289 15 N11°06'00.00" E105°57'00.00" POPET PNH 114.3 292 70 N11°32'38.30" E104°50'38.10" PHNOM PENH BOKAK 302 162 N12°57'36.30" E102°29'47.30" BOKAK GOMES 296 60 N13°24'06.10" E101°35'05.70" GOMES VTBD 298 65 N13°54'52.00" E100°36'20.00" BANGKOK / DON MUEANG INTL All flights for this Event should be tracked by VAFS. After the Event, please post your Vataware logs in reply to this thread to obtain your bonus. Repeat: the legs for this Event are one way only. Flights in the wrong direction are not valid. All pilots who participate in this Event qualify for triple hours. Hope to see you there! Cheerio, Nicholas Ng Director of Flight Operations On behalf of Mei Fong Chan Director of Events
  14. nicky9499

    SIN - KUL roundtrip

    All pilots who fly the event must post their Vataware log in this thread for verification. If you do not already have an account, go to http://www.vataware.com/login.cfm to create one. You don't need to keep Vatware open when flying if you already have an account, hours and data are automatically logged. For this event only, pilots who fly online in the same day will receive their bonus hours. Offline flights are not eligible as the purpose of Events are to foster interaction between pilots and flying with ATC. Cheerio, Nicholas
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