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  1. Hello! For Davao, is WSSS - RPMD - RPVM - WSSS the valid schedule?
  2. Hello! According to "Terms & Conditions", both sectors have to be flown to get points; I assume this is valid only for the "bonus route" SIN-SYD for this particular event. Am I correct? Many thanks. Alessandro
  3. Hello! Reporting back on duty on 05/10. Let me know when I can resume flying. Many thanks.
  4. Hello Dresden, I have been doing farm works that will keep me busy for some more time. Roger, I will inform you as soon as I'm ready to fly. Let me know, many thanks.
  5. Name: Alessandro Panzacchi. Reason for LOA: Farm Work. LOA Start Date: 15/09/2020. Estimated LOA End Date: 05/10/2020. P.S.: what if I might be able to fly before 05/10? Could I simply submit a PIREP or do I need to advise you? Many thanks.
  6. Hello Isaac. Unfortunately my full name is too long given the available space in "Display Name", so I only added my SVAG ID. Let me know, thank you.
  7. Thank you, very appreciated; and yes, I agree that the random selection of a flight must be at discretion.
  8. Hi! Featured Flights are really cool and more than welcome. A "dispatch to pilot", maybe generated randomly by the system, would also be a really interesting feature. I was more referring to a button next to the "Find Flights" one that randomly chooses one of the destinations listed in the "schedules" page on our OPS website. In my mind it should work like this: the users filter the flights according to what is already at their disposal (eg. departure airport or aircraft type) obtaining a list of available flights, then the "random button" would pick one flight from those listed.
  9. Hello. First of all congratulations to everyone involved in the SVAG 2020 shift. I was wondering if a "random destination" function (or maybe some sort of flight assignment) could be implemented on our OPS website. Thanks in advance. Alessandro
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