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Board Guidelines

Welcome to the Pilot Lounge. These are the discussion boards for all members of the Singapore Virtual Airlines Group. All important information pertaining to the operations of the airline can also be found on these boards. Rules are quite simple; keep it clean, keep it professional, be nice and have fun. Please be aware of the following guidelines when posting in certain sections, these are in place to keep the place neat and tidy.

All pilots should use their VAFS dynamic tags.
This is done by entering the following in the signature field (top right, click username > My Profile > Edit Profile > Edit Signature):
where X is your SVAG callsign. This is important so we know who you are and can assist you better.

NOTAM and News topics should always begin with the concerned division. For example, an announcement regarding Tiger Airways should be: "TGW - [title]". If concerns all, use "ALL - [title]".

For each Event or Featured Destination, a thread should be created and all corresponding PIREPs posted in that thread.

For security reasons, all users will be logged out of the forum after 7 days of inactivity.

The Management takes a very serious view on piracy and discussion of pirated software is not allowed.

Files in the Download section are copyright of the original authors and are meant for internal circulation within SVAG only. Do not share or redistribute these files.

Warm regards,